May 30th-31st 2019, Iasi, Romania

Welcome to CCE 2019

A Conference in memoriam of prof. Anton Sesan

The event became traditional and it is organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services, Iasi and "Matei Teiu-Botez" Academic Society.
Before 2015, the symposium has been held annually in collaboration with Spanish Association for Earthquake Engineering. In 2016 was decided that the symposium to be held every 2 years.

Since 2017, the CCE Symposium is held in collaboration with Instruction for submissionThe International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) - Technical University of Catalonia Barcelona, Spain.

SubmissionNowadays, computer and software have become a very important asset in the development of all areas. The CCE2019 conference aims to present the impact of using new IT & C technologies in civil engineering and architecture, along with the benefits of using these tools.

The conference presents results of scientific research of professors, researchers and students from national faculties and abroad.

Computer Aided Design and Engineering
Software for Civil Engineering
Computer Aided Training
Computational Methods in Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Database
Computer-Assisted Management in Civil Engineering
Numerical Analyses of Civil Engineering Structures
Computational Fluid Dynamics